• Wi-Fi/BT Expansion Capability
  • 7 Capacitive Touch Pads
  • 25 LED Grid

ibtikarmaker Why Maker?

The Maker captures the imagination, of tomorrow’s innovator, providing endless possibilities for endless discovery. An all in one board with built in sensors and LEDs, Maker is a compact, hand held, hexagon shaped microcontroller with the latest features to engage and inspire the learner.

  • foto EASY Easy to use across multiple levels, supporting visual and text based programs.
  • foto INSPIRATIONAL Empowers learners to take risks, create, communicate and collaborate. Encourages critical thinking and builds self-confidence.
  • foto INNOVATIVE Individual starter kits and class sets for tomorrows inventor at affordable prices.

ibtikarmaker COMPATIBILITY

Designed to be used with Arduino IDE and the embedded Arduino Firmware, the Maker requires no soldering and is ready to use straight from the box. Suitable across multiple academic levels and accommodating visual and text learners, Maker is compatible with Ardublockly and Arduino text, with options for Python and JavaScript pending. The Maker has built in USB support, just plug in and program; it can be powered by USB or by an external, battery power source as well as through direct computer connectivity.

I’m a Teacher
How do I use Maker in my classroom?

The Maker is designed to be user and classroom friendly and is the perfect solution to accommodate the learner at beginner or advanced level. Teacher resources include an extensive range of hands on, real life projects and learning experiences across all ages and learning styles, and are designed with the confidence that learners will be excited and engaged at the first challenge.

I’m a Learner
How do I get started?

You can have fun and learn at the same time by building fantastic creations and programming your Maker to solve endless challenges. Ready to use straight out of the box, means you can start your electronics journey immediately, there is no end to your interaction and creativity with the Maker.