• Wi-Fi/BT Expansion Capability
  • 7 Capacitive Touch Pads
  • 25 LED Grid

ibtikarmaker Why Maker?

The Maker captures the imagination, of tomorrow’s innovator, providing endless possibilities for endless discovery. An all in one board with built in sensors and LEDs, Maker is a compact, hand held, hexagon shaped microcontroller with the latest features to engage and inspire the learner.

The latest Maker, Version V1.0 with its added features enhances accuracy and provides more capabilities, while remaining an easy user-friendly experience.

The modifications and enhancements relate to the Sound Sensor, Accelerometer, Pin 3 and Pin 12 Silkscreen, Power Regulators and include some wiring changes, all of which support an expanded range of activities and which are clearly explained in the Maker
Guide for Advanced Learners

This latest version takes the learner beyond the classroom, developing their experiences and skills to a higher level of complexity.


Designed to be used with Arduino IDE and the embedded Arduino Firmware, the Maker requires no soldering and is ready to use straight from the box. Suitable across multiple academic levels and accommodating visual and text learners, Maker is compatible with Ardublockly, Arduino and Python with options for Java Script pending.

The Maker has built in USB support, just plug in and program; it can be powered by USB or by an external battery power source as well as through direct computer connectivity.

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Sometimes when building an electronic system, you might need to add other input and output modules such as a Servo Motor, but these modules might require more power than what the Maker can supply.

The Maker Servo/Expansion Shield makes it easy to connect these modules to the Maker board; the shield works as a bridge between the Maker and the other modules and allows you to supply them with an external power supply.

The Maker Servo/Expansion Shield is compatible with Maker V0.0 and Maker V1.0.

More power, more action.