Easy to follow activities, projects and videos at your fingertips, all available to support the Maker learning adventure.


The Arduino Integrated Development Environment (Arduino IDE) allows you to write and upload codes to your Ibtikar Maker, using a text editor.

This open source interface contains a message area, a toolbar with buttons to verify and upload your code and other common functions like create and save files. You can cut, copy, and paste your code. The Arduino IDE runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


Ardublockly is a visual programming editor for Arduino based on Google’s Blockly. It uses interlocking, graphical blocks to represent code concepts like variables, logical expressions, loops, and more. It allows you to apply programming principles without having to worry about syntax.

The Maker Library has been added to the Ardublockly interface.

Ardublockly requires Arduino IDE to be installed on your computer. When you install Ardublockly, Arduino will be installed automatically.


Python is a widely used, high-level programming language for general-purpose programming.

It has a design philosophy which emphasises code readability, and a syntax (a set of rules) which allows programmers to show concepts in fewer lines of code, compared to other languages.

Python can be used to connect serially to your Maker board allowing you to use all the capabilities of Python installed on your computer, using a Python library called PySerial.

Unlike Arduino IDE and Ardublockly which install the code, you write to Maker directly; PySerial allows you to send and receive data between your computer and the Maker.

Makerguide getting started

The Maker Guide is a colourful and simply illustrated manual that leads the learner along a Maker path of discovery, through a visual step by step process. Presented in a learner friendly format, the Maker Guide encourages student engagement and learning from the first page. All the activities can be installed by using one of the two links; either in visual or code based formats that are simple to download.


Makerguide Advanced

The Advanced Maker Guide is a clearly illustrated manual that takes the learner on an expanded path of discovery, incorporating text-based programming and the new Servo/Expansion shield that opens the door to an extensive variety of real-life applications.

Professionally presented, the Guide explains in step by step format, the activities, all of which can be used with Arduino or Python.

The Advanced Maker Guide is the perfect tool for advanced learners ready for the next chapter.



Let’s get creative with fun projects to inspire the imagination. This is your opportunity to build Morris Maker; simply download the 3D print ready models and watch him grow before your eyes.

But, don’t stop there; work through our collection of activities and projects and print them directly to any 3D printer.

Create, make and watch this space for more exciting content, coming soon!