The Maker in the Classroom.

The Ibtikar Maker is a small, hexagon-shaped microcontroller board, designed and developed in the United Arab Emirates by Ibtikar Edu Tech Solutions.

Specifically designed for easy use and hands on activities, with no soldering or modification required, the Maker is the ideal choice for teachers wanting to engage and excite students on a path of electronics discovery.  Having 12 innovative features, more than any other product in this class; means that Maker can be used in a wide range of STEAM based activities, challenges and projects at individual, group or class level with or without an internet connection.

Designed for the classroom, the super, economical Maker kits come in two flavours. The Squad Pack is the perfect choice for the classroom; containing five Maker kits, it is ready to use immediately, just unpack and plug in. The Solo Pack is a single Maker kit, ideal for individual purchase or to top up class sets. Ready to use straight from the box, each pack contains:

Ibtikar Maker board
Micro USB cable
9V battery holder
8 crocodile cables

(4 male, 4 female)

ibtikarMaker Guide

Getting started is easy, just download the Maker Guide, found at Resources and follow the simple steps. Presented in a vibrant and learner friendly format, the Guide takes the learner on a visual step by step journey through the learning process, working through an extensive range of activities and challenges using the Maker.

ibtikarMaker Activity

In addition to the Maker Guide, is a wide range of activity suggestions from easy challenges to more creative and advanced ideas, that can be sourced to supplement the classroom material. Supporting all these activities is a collection of instructional videos and tutorials for individual or classroom use, you only need to register to access this support material.

Have fun and good luck. We are always keen to see what teachers are doing with the Maker and how students are being creative. Be sure to keep us informed and if you have any cool ideas, we would be happy to hear them.

Maker team